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Argumentative Research Paper: How To Write A Strong Piece

Every type of essay has its own elements. The argumentative research paper or essay is no different. In this kind of writing, the writer seeks to convince the reader to believe in the author’s point of view. There are certain points that an argumentative research paper must contain to be a strong piece of writing.

  • Introduction
  • Like all essays there needs to be an introduction to the argumentative research paper. The introduction familiarizes the reader with two theme elements.

  • Thesis
  • The thesis should be presented during the introduction. A thesis statement is one sentence that the whole paper seeks to support.

  • Background information
  • The introduction should also contain any relevant background information for the reader. If the subject has any relevant historical or legal precedent, it should be given in the background.

  • The Body
  • The body of the essay should have the major points that you want to argue. A good rule to follow is to give each argument 1 paragraph. All of the supporting information should fit into that one section. The points should go from the case with the weakest support to the idea with the strongest support. Ordering your points from weakest to strongest leaves your reader with the most solid point fresh in their mind when they are done reading your essay.

    If your ideas have the same strength of support, then you can order them in a way that builds a relationship with your audience. Use the arguments in a way that will weave a story for your audience to believe.

  • The Refutation
  • One paragraph of your essay should be dedicated to refuting your own argument. This is a section that acknowledges that there are other viewpoints than the one presented in your paper. This shows that you believe strongly in your argument and are not afraid to show the opposition. Having a strong refutation in an argumentative research paper is critical.

  • Conclusion
  • The conclusion section of your paper should summarize all of the information that you have covered in your paper. This should be done in a way that supports your thesis statement. Take this as an opportunity to weed out any arguments that don’t fully support your thesis. Acknowledge any opposition and finalize your thoughts.

  • Revise
  • Once you have written your paper, it is important to go back through and edit your research paper. Make sure all of your arguments have solid support and that you have proven your thesis through your research. After the revision, you should have a solid paper to submit.