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Ways to contact academic paper writing service to order research papers

When you want order a research paper online, you should first contact the writing agency and get answers to all the questions you may have. Everything you need to know; pricing, customer guarantee, how to lodge complaints, who will write the paper, how you want the paper written, for how long the writing company has been in existence, etc. Although you can find a lot of information on the website of writing company, getting information one on one is highly recommended as you can request for clarification.

The following are the ways to contact academic paper writing service when you want to order papers online.

  • The official website:
    This is the place to get firsthand information on the writing agency. In addition to the ‘Contact Us’ tab, you need to have one on one or live chat with the writing agency contact representatives. Ensure you ask all everything you need to know about the company and you will be answered. The information on the ‘About Us’ tab and on “How to Order’ is also very important. Generally, in most sites, you are required to fill a form where you provide the writing instructions and all the other important details. In order to protect your privacy, you can use pseudonym and your order will be assigned unique order or tracking number.
  • Email:
    At the ‘contact us’ section in most websites you will find email which you can use to contact the writing company.
    Before emailing, check if you can find answers to the questions you have at the website, and more particularly in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. In the email, you can list all the questions you want to get answers to. Serious writing agencies have quick response time and so you will get response within few hours or days after successful delivery of the email.
    CAUTION: Do not use your official school or work email for communication with paper writing site. To be safe, create a unique email for purpose of ordering papers online.
  • Facebook:
    Most writing companies now have a website where you can find all the information you need about them. There are several ways of contacting the writing sites and you may send Direct Message (DM) to them if you do not want to post it in public. Most writing agencies post contact information in their official Facebook pages.
  • Twitter:
    Most of the writing companies are present on twitter and so you can contact them there. You can send private messages (Direct Messages) to the writing company to keep the conversation private.


Check your privacy settings when using Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to contact writing agencies. Use the Direct Message option for private conversations and avoid making enquiries which are visible to the public users of the platform.