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Key points to raise in your research paper on French revolution

When writing any academic paper, there are two very important things you need to keep in mind. One, you should not begin writing until you have gathered sufficient factual information about the topic you need to write on. Secondly, as a student and researcher, you must not write what is obvious; however, you should also avoid introducing absurd ideas which are not supported by facts. In this understanding, the starting point of great paper on research paper French revolution is getting facts about the topic.

Unless the professor issues specific instructions that you should not begin by introducing the ‘obvious’ and ‘known’ facts, always ensure you give factual and background information about the topic. In this case, you should begin by explaining what the French revolution is, and then add all the other necessary details and information, depending on the topic.

The French revolution

The French revolution, one of the most important events in history of modern Europe, started in 1789 and continued up Napoleon Bonaparte ascent in the late 1970s, which marked its end. The revolution generally marks the time in which the citizens of France razed and redesigned the political landscape of the country. The feudal system and the absolute monarchy and other old institutions were uprooted.

The French revolution, just like the American Revolution which took place earlier, was mostly influenced by the ideals of Enlightenment, and more particularly the concepts of inalienable rights and popular sovereignty. The revolution never achieved all these goals but it played very important role in the shaping of modern world nations as it showcased the power which is inherent in the people’s will. Some chaotic bloodbath scenes marked the revolution.

What to include in the paper and how to format it

There is so much that can be written about the French revolution, such as for example:

  • What caused the revolution
  • The prelude to the revolution
  • The revolution at Versailles and the rise of Third Estate
  • The street unrests ( also known as The Bastille and the Great Fear)
  • The drafting of the French constitution
  • The radical period of the revolution marked by terror and revolt
  • The end of the French Revolution and the Rise of the Napoleon.

You can write a short essay or a more than 1000 page on each or all of the above topics as there are so many details in each period of the French Revolution. To know what to include in the paper, you should get an example of research paper sample with outline at credible sources online.