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When required to write research paper on history about King Arthur, you must begin by getting a lot of information about that topic from as many sources as possible. The most reliable source for writing academic paper is from the refereed materials. However, the general information on the internet is also useful, but it should be complemented with reliable information from the academic sources.

  • So, who is King Arthur?
    King Arthur is a popular name in the history of the modern day United Kingdom. He is a semi mythical figure and is believed to have been a King of early Britain. Most of the information about this king is found in the 12th century writing and works of the Geoffrey of Monmouth. The works of this writer became very popular from that century and up to date, the name King Arthur is popular in modern folklore. Poets and writers have written many things about this model King. As there is no first-hand historical, authentic evidence about this King, his life has been the subject of many different interpretations. There are even some historians who are doubtful about the existence of this King.
  • Did the king actually exist?
    In your history paper about his king, you must discuss the many theories and different stories put forward about him. While most writers and poets believe he existed, others say it is simply a mythical figure which never existed. In one of the many stories about his existence, it is believed that the King as born to one Ingraine and Uther Pendragon. It is believed that Uther Pendragon sought the help of Merlin to get him to sleep with Ingraine. The said Ingraine was married to Duke Gorlois of Cornwall. Merlin, in order to help Uther sleep with Ingraine, hatched a plan in which he transformed Uther look like the Duke Gorlois of Cornwall (Ingraine’s husband) for just one night and his idea worked. Uther slept with Ingraine and that is how King Arthur was born.
  • How He Became the King:
    According to the historical tales about this King, he managed to become King of Britain because his ability to withdraw Excalibur from the stone. It had been foretold that he would one day become the King of Britain. During his reign, the king was advised and counseled by Merlin, also another mystical and elusive figure.
  • The fall of his dynasty:
    King Arthur maintained very high degrees of honorable behavior and chivalry. In fact, with is chosen knights, they sat around round table so no one appeared superior. However, one of the King’s most successful and trusted knights, Sir Lancelot had secret affair with Queen Guinevere, the wife to the king. When the King learnt of this secret affair, he felt betrayed and that caused the downfall of his kingdom.

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