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Useful guidelines on writing a research paper on marriage and divorce

Marriage and divorce is one of the most interesting and also controversial topics in Family law and happens in all societies across the world. The reason why marriage is very important is that it signifies the founding of family, which is the basic social unit of every society. In situations where the marriage relationship breaks down for whatever reasons, then divorce is the only way out. There is an increase in the rates of divorce all over the world and that has been a concern of sociologist, psychologists, and other experts.

Marriage and early marriage

While marriage us considered normal, and indeed is an obligation upon every individual, early marriage, which is becoming common all over the world, is considered ‘abnormal’ and elicits many reactions from different researchers and scholars. A research paper early marriage can help shed light on this growing phenomenon.

But first, what is early marriage? Although it is defined variously and differently by different people, early marriage describes the situation where a person gets married, before the age of majority. Although not always present, one of the leading cause of early marriage is teenage or early pregnancy. In most countries marrying under age persons is a criminal offence. In spite of the criminalization, the vice is still present in many societies and countries across the world. In some African societies, young girls, as young as 12 years are married to men as old as 70 years and the price paid for them is livestock.

Researchers look at the problem of early marriage from various points of view; social, psychological, and economic. The young girls are mostly forced to marry and even where they are alleged to consent, their tender or young age negates their free will as most of them do not know what they are getting in to. In most cases, the girls married at young age drop out of school, get pregnant and become mothers at very young age and mostly live destitute life.

There is so much to talk about early marriage including the motivations behind it, how societies have dealt or attempted to deal with the problem, its prevalence and methods of preventing it. Educating the girl child and increasing awareness in the society on the negative effects of early marriage is the best method but that should also be combined with criminal sanctions for those who marry or marry off young girls.

On divorce

A research paper for divorce mostly focuses on the process, the grounds, sharing of property and parental responsibilities to the children after divorce. These vary from one society, country and state to the other. There has been a general move from the traditional, length and archaic process of divorce to the short and flexible process in which parties can separate without too much difficulty if they feel that their marriage is no longer tenable.