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A Collection Of Unique Research Paper Ideas About Stress And Depression

The first step in writing a great research paper on stress and depression is choosing a unique and interesting topic to focus your study on. This can be quite a challenge for some students so we’ve come up with this collection of research paper ideas to help you select a great topic:

  1. What study supports the notion that occasional or seasonal depression in people is actually a natural state and not one that requires serious medical treatment? Do you think it’s better for people to fight this kind of depression naturally or to use medication?
  2. What effects does work-related have on humans? What is the likelihood for people to develop depression because of stress they feel because of work? Should employers be more mindful about the stress in their employees?
  3. What does research suggest are the most effective forms for managing or dealing with stress? Do you think that if more people were aware of these forms of management that fewer would require seeking treatment?
  4. How does stress and depression affect cognitive function in humans? Are there certain types of stress that are more dangerous or do all types emit similar cognitive responses in humans? Consider the dangers that exist as a result of depression.
  5. How does stress affect people differently at different ages? For instance, is it possible for teens to feel the same amount of harmful stress that some adults feel? And are some age groups more prone to develop depression than others?
  6. Are stress and depression necessary for helping people change or develop for the better? For instance, it’s known that stress doesn’t just come out of anywhere but is a natural response to a situation in our lives. What is the function of stress?
  7. Can stress and depression be used to overcome specific challenging situations that come up in our lives? For instance, can stress and depression help people cope with such things like death or divorce?
  8. Recent studies show that too much stress may cause the brain to freeze up and stop functioning temporarily. How does this affect humans in the long-term? Is it a cause for depression in some?
  9. What effects can stress have on a person’s physical health? For instance, stress and some forms of depression can cause people to eat unhealthily or commit to very few hours of sleep and rest. What does this do to the body?
  10. Are depression medications proper treatments for stress, or should patients first seek behavioral changes before seek prescription medication which may have negative side effects?