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Things you should remember while completing a qualitative research paper on teenage pregnancy

When required to write paper on teenage pregnancy, you should focus on four major areas, namely the introduction, methodology, the results and the conclusion, and recommendations where possible.

  1. The Introduction:
    The research paper teenage pregnancy introduction gives the background to the paper. You may for instance frame it this way. Motherhood is an important and significant aspect of life for all the women across the globe. In most societies, motherhood defines the women’s identity. Teenage pregnancy, which leads to young mothers, is present in all the societies, and many people consider it a vice since it leads to early motherhood, and also to early marriage.
    All these have adverse health and social consequences. For instance, getting pregnant at young age entitles the young mother to parental responsibilities at tender age. In addition to this, you should tell the reader what your paper is aimed at. For instance, you may state that it is aimed at soliciting the live experiences of the young married and unmarried girls who became pregnant at teenage. Since it is virtually impossible to carry this study all over the world, you must target some area, most probably, your home country.
  2. The Methods:
    Teenage pregnancy research paper methodology tells the readers the methods and techniques you applied in the research work. It could for instance be in depth interviews, questionnaires, or by perusing official results from some agencies concerned with child or welfare protection. Also, ensure you tell the reader what informed your research methods and the subsequent analysis. On method, you may for example say that they were informed by cultural competency framework, phenomenology and intersectionality theory.
    On analysis, you may say that the interviews were recorded in audio and they were then transcribed and the resultant data analyzed by use of thematic content analysis. Where ethics approval or other approvals for purpose of protecting the rights and privacy of the victims of teenage pregnancy is required, you should state who approved them. If you want to know more about any method which you feel can boost the credibility of results, you can check this useful reference.
  3. The results:
    What did you find from your methodology? These results should be clearly explained here. Teenage pregnancy is prevalent all over the society. How does it affect the young girl socially, health wise, emotionally and psychologically? How does it affect their parents? Give all the results in the paper.

Conclusion and recommendations:

What are your final words on this topic? What do you think should be done to prevent teenage pregnancy? What do you think should be done to help the girls who get pregnant and become young single mothers or are married to the child’s father at their young age? All this information should be out in the conclusion and recommendations of your paper.